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Annual Return Filing

Annual Filing

A Private Limited Company is mandated to comply to the standard ROC regulations. As a part of it, every company needs to file the annual returns consistently according to the Companies Act, 2014. Data like annual returns, income tax returns, DIN for the Director KYC, details of the members and directors and proceedings throughout the year need to be filed and reported.

Changes in any event of the company that happened at any point of the year should also be filed. This includes a change in the transactions, bank accounts, appointment of a new board director or authority, inclusion or exclusion of shares from the market and deletion or addition of investors throughout the year.

This can be made easier by conducting regular Board meetings and maintaining a register containing the notes of discussion, minutes of meeting and statistic every quarter of a year. ROC filing for any companies is an obligation. There are a few forms to be filed in the annual filing of a private limited company.

Form ADT1

This is to be filed by the company after an auditor is appointed. A time limit before which this has to be dine is 15 days from the time of appointment of the auditor.

Form AOC 4

All the Private Limited Companies are required to file the financial statements of the year with accuracy. This includes bills, loans and transactions of an organization. A time duration of 30 days is allotted for the filing

Form MGT 7

The data regarding shares, boarding meeting attendance, remuneration of authorities, business activities and debts are filed annually with ROC under this form. A 60 days’ time from the date of annual general meeting is given for this statement.

Delay or failure in prompt filing may lead to penalties and additional charges. So, it is always advisable to get the auditing and reporting done on time.

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