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Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration

Establishing a private limited company is a dream of many. A private limited Company is a business entity that ensures authenticity for entrepreneurs all over. There are a number of perks alongside setting up a private company. A few for instance are,

Protection of personal Assets
There is no way you, as a business owner be held responsible on a personal front for the company’s liability. The ownership stays legal and authorized on the professional front.
Hike in revenue
Since there are limits in liabilities, you can expect progress in capital generation. PLC is preferred by business owners because of the same as it raises enough funds through investments, equity and share markets.
The companies and their details are readily accessible at the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). Hence the customers have nothing to be concerned about. This in turn, draws more customers to the company.

Essentials in getting the Registration Done

  • There must at least be two directors on board.
  • There must be a registered office (own or Rental)
  • The company should have a minimum capital contribution of one lakh
  • A unique name is a prerequisite as it ensures a distinguished brand for the company.

What are the Steps involved in Private Company Registration?

DIN (Director Identification Number) is an eight- digit number that gives access to an application form where a company owner has to register. This is to be obtained in order to lead the registration process.

DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) validates the authenticity of the documents provided. So the submitted documents are sent for approval and is returned with this authorized signature.
This is followed by choosing a unique name for the company. The name should prove to be distinguished and descriptive of the services and products involved. A webservice named RUN (Reserve Unique Name) has been recently initiated by the Ministry od Corporate Affairs (MCA) where the business owners can choose their names.
A new User account is created in order to get registered in the MCA portal. The account creation is free of cost.
An MOA (Memorandum of Association) containing the company registration details and an AOA (Articles of Association) where the rules and regulations of the company are specified, are created as charter documents.
PAN (Permanent Account Number) and TAN (Tax Account Number) are acquired. The acquisition of each might take a week’s time.
Finally, the concern is to be registered under Establishment Act within a month of its opening.

Why Choose SV Consultant?

The private limited company registration procedures can be done online. We spare you the turmoil of going errands to procure documents and waiting all day to get the registration done. At the convenience of your home, you set up your own business. How does that sound? We also help you to overcome technical hurdles in the above-mentioned steps then and there. If you find yourself stuck between the procedures, SV Consultant always comes to your rescue.

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Happy Registration!

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