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One-Person Company Registration

One-Person Company Registration

The most recent of all types of registration is the One Person Company registration in South India. It came into existence only after the enforcement of Companies Act 2013, before which it was difficult to incorporate the same. It can be established with just one member and Director. This member does not have to be a resident of India

Why OPC?

One Person Company Registration comes with some benefits as the process is easier relatively because the number of participations is minimal. A few other advantages are

Lack of Conflict

One Person Company registration in South India is now easy because there less to zero Conflicts involved. The director is a single entity and that means his/her decision will be the norm. a lot of time and energy is saved for the company as there is sole ownership.

Uninterrupted Existence

There can be one nominee while registering for an one person company. This nominee continues to take charge if there is an unprecedented withdrawal of the director. The company can keep running the show, no matter what.

Easy Execution

The incorporation of One Person Company registration is easier with just a director and member in it. With just a minimum capital of one lakh, it is possible to set up a business anywhere.

Limited Liability

With just one member and a nominee, there is no fear of losing one’s personal assets in case of debts concerning the company. So there is no loss as the company is a single legal unit.

What Next?

To register a One Person Company in South India, there are a few mandatory steps to be considered like the acquisition of Director Identification Number (DIN). This is obtained by submitting various identification forms that should ensure approval by obtaining Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

The next step is to choose and get a Unique name for the company approved. If the name is already existent, the director shall choose a different name that fits the market needs. This is followed by the preparation and submission of MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Article of Association). That is the objectives and rules of the company, respectively. After verification of all the documents put forward, the business is established.

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