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Public Limited Company Registration

Public Limited Company Registration

Public Limited Company registration in South India is now easier than ever. With SV Consultant at your guidance support, it will only take a matter of days to set up a Public Limited Company anywhere in South India. Before plunging into the whole registration processes, it is advisable to get an idea of how it all works

What you should know about a PLC?

A Public Limited Company is a firm that patrons the business people dreaming of running a large- scale industry. Unlike a Private one, the PLC requires a minimum of seven member on the board to start up the business proceedings. A PLC enjoys the benefits of both an LLC and a Private Limited Company. It has less liabilities and also offers easy transferability and ownership of shares. A Public Limited Company can raise capital from shareholders externally or even the public to get its business running.

The process in simpler terms

All the information including the number of members, directors, the minimum capital investment are gathered much ahead of the registration schedule.

These are presented to procure the Director Identification Number (DIN) which is in turn sent for the approval assigning them a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
The most crucial part of registration is coming up with a distinguished name for the company. A proper research is done before deciding the name. SV Consultant also offers you a variety of names with your expectations and time considered.
A Certificate of Incorporation is issued after the verification is done. And the business gets going in a time period of 180 days.

Pre requisites of launching a Public Limited Company

There must be a minimum of seven shareholders.

At least three directors are required to set up a board.
A minimum of 5 lakh is needed as capital.
Duly filled forms to obtain DIN, DSC, MOA, AOA are important.
A Public Limited Company registration is always a better option as it provides a vast capital base and limited liability. The growth opportunities are huge as there is funding from many investors.
So why wait? Call us immediately to your work done in a matter of few steps and more meaning.

  • SV Consultant is proud in launching our services across South India. With years of experience and expertise in handling queries regarding registration processes, guidance on government certifications. We provide one stop solutions for your needs.
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