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Sole Proprietorship Registration

Sole Proprietorship Registration in Tamil Nadu

Sole Proprietorship firm is probably the easiest establishment one could have. Though the registration is not mandatory for such an initiative, it is advisable to get it registered as that will pave way for a plethora of opportunities and rewards from the government. The proprietorship registration in Tamil Nadu involves basic procedures and it ensures effective time consumption. Sole Proprietorship is ideal for entrepreneurs hoping to commence their own business yet make it a legal entity. If you are the founder of your own firm and wish to deal with the operations of your firm singularly, this is the best fitting choice for you.

In just a period of 10 to 15 days, you can raise your individual company. It could be anything like a small grocery shop, your own boutique, little library or even a parlor. It is also to be noted that there are a few setbacks in this type of ownership like risk of losing personal assets as the liability is open. With the demise or incapability of the director, there will be no continuation of existence. It is also comparatively difficult to raise capital externally.

How to proceed with Proprietorship Registration process in Tamil Nadu

Since there is just one person entailed in the process all we need is to get your PAN card ready. If you already hold a PAN card, this process could be skipped but otherwise our staff will help you apply for the same.

A fresh Bank account shall be opened to on the name of the company. This is a mandatory process as the transactions will be done through the same.
According to the Shops and Establishment Act, it is possible to obtain a registration certificate finally. If the turnover of the firm is beyond 20 lakh per annum, you will be required to apply for a GST Certificate. This is an uncomplicated process that can be achieved by the team of experts at SV Consultant.
If the firm that you are planning to launch belongs to small or medium enterprises, you will be expected to produce an MSME Certificate in which case you will be assisted by our staff.

Why should you register your Sole Proprietorship Company in Tamil Nadu?

You set your rules

Since you are the whole unit of the business you represent, all the decision-making powers are vested on you. There is literally no one you have to look out for in the critical scenarios.

There are less rules to conform
As mentioned already, due to the singular membership in the firm there are very few regulations that require compliance. It is as simple as that! Affordability
It is the cheapest among the other registration processes. The low cost is not just in the registration but also with regard to the reduction in the needs of resources and finance for the singular unit.

Checklist for Registration

Aadhar Card of the proprietor

PAN of the member
Residential proof of the office
Bank Account on the Company’s name
Do you think your firm meets all the requirements? You are just one click away from registering your company with absolute power. Contact SV Consultant and grab exciting packages exclusively available for you.

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