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Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate

In the fast -paced world that we live in, it would only be surprising is something is not digital. Here we are at the business and law suits where even our signatures are digitalized. As a matter of fact, DSC is a boon to the millennials as it offers security in the social media era where nothing seems secure. It is a digital key used by company members and owners to authenticate and certify their existence and privacy. It uses public key encryption to protect the documents and copies of personal and professional details we submit for government or authoritative verification.

All you have to do is find a DSC provider in Tamil Nadu and you are ready to go. DGFT digital signature certificate in Tamil Nadu can be easily procured just by following the simple steps SV Consultant direct you to do. The details secured are data like the name, location details, email, verifying authorities’ name.

How to get a Digital Signature Certificate in Tamil Nadu?

The applicant shall fill the form enquiring details. Documents like proof of the residential address and photograph of the applicant will be asked for. After successful submission of the duly filed application, the certifying authorities will verify the information and grant the Digital Signature Certificate. It is important to note that there are different classes of DSC and the applicant should select the relevant class from the options and then proceed with the submission.

Classes of DSC

Class 1

This is the category where any individual and a few reserved subscribers get their data secured online. The verification is done for the documents person or his private entity produces.
Class 2
This is attributed to the data of superior authorities like the directors or managerial consultants. E-filing with the Registrar of Companies are done with the help of the Class 2 division of DSC.
Class 3
This has been the norm for people undertaking online ventures like e auction, bidding and even e-tendering. The regular mandatory filings as trademark, IT, GST application filing are also done through Class 3 of Digital Signature Certificate. It should also be noted that since Jab 2021, Class 3 replaces Class 2 division.

Significance of applying for DSC

It is necessary to find the right DGFT digital signature certificate provider in Tamil Nadu because

You will never have to worry about Data Integrity
Since everything is digital, you do not have to endure the burden of signing a number of hard copies. It saves a lot of time.
It is very important for any government filing with regards to company registration.
Your documents will be in the safest of all places.

Why SV Consultant is the best DSC provider in Tamil Nadu?

Our skilled staff are available 24/7, throughout your application and outcome process. SV Consultant has built its niche in providing quick and affordable services over the years. All you need is a duly filled application with your photograph and identity proofs and breathe! Contact us for more information and fee structure.

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