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Public Limited Company Registration

Public Limited Company Registration in Tamil Nadu

Setting up a public Limited Company in Tamil Nadu is for the entrepreneurs who wish to take their business expertise to the next level. Business functions operating in a large scale are required to be registered under the Ministry of Affairs according to the Companies Act regulated in 2013. The beneficiaries of PLC enjoy the allowances of a corporate entity as well as Limited Liability Partnership. One of the most interesting features of Public Limited Companies is that they can raise funds from the general public. The regulations are a little stringent than private companies but there are numerous ways that one could benefit from these types of Companies.

Documentations in demand

Formal photographs of the directors

Identity proofs of the same (Aadhar card / voter ID / License)
Utility bills from the office space
PAN documents from the directors

Minimum Criteria for Public Limited Company Registration Process in Tamil Nadu

There must be a minimum of seven shareholders on board. A minimum of three directors are required to initiate Public Limited Company registration procedures in Tamil Nadu. There is no upper limit to this category. The company is mandated to produce a prospectus in order for the public to view the potential progress and sustenance. 5 lakh minimum capital is needed to found a Public limited company.

Perks of setting up a PLC

There is no limit to the opportunities available for a public limited company in terms of expansion. The partners get to reach consecutive levels as far as global expansion is concerned.

The company get enlisted to global stock exchange which makes it attractive for public investors to gather funds. More funds ultimately mean more capital.
The liabilities are limited to shareholders and they can experience risk free involvement in the business.
There shares can be easily transferred that ensure few risk
Public database and the availability of facts and figures in the domain will make certain credibility from the consumers.

Step by Step guide on the Registration

All the documents are collected as a single file and sent for acquisition of a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). This is to protect your legal documents digitally.

The Director Identification Number shall be received after the submission of documents.
A name that stands out from the rest is chosen to ensure a unique identity.
It is followed by the submission of Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) which our executives will help you in drafting.
The approval arrives by the issue of incorporation certificate. This is when you know all the hard work you have put in has paid off. Your company is now verified and officially suffixed with Public Limited Company.
SV Consultant has been time and again proving its meticulous drafting and guidance support to every client. Public limited company registration in Tamil Nadu is now the easiest with our expert team of consultants. Hurry up to avail exclusive offers and services tailor made for your needs and demands!

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