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One-Person Company Registration

One Person Company Registration in Tamil Nadu

Gone are the days where an individual could do nothing by himself. Setting up a company all alone was an uphill task for a commoner. Before the Companies Act, 2013 there was an option to establish Sole Proprietorship company, still restricting a single member to be the master of all trades. But with the legal green flag, it is now possible for a single person to become an entity. OPC registration in Tamil Nadu offers full authority to the only member to run the trade all by himself, his way. SV Consultant takes absolute pleasure in making your fantasies of running your own show come to reality. The company requirements are much lesser in comparison with the other forms of business establishments. Before signing up for a registration, there are a few data you must equip yourself with.

Are you the Right fit?

The OPC registration procedures in Tamil Nadu could be easier for you if you meet the following requirements

  • You have a registered office in Tamil Nadu
  • You have received an NOC from the landlord if the space is rented
  • You have one nominee
  • You can produce documents on any of your utility bills

Sounds simple? That is all you would need to move forward with One Person Company registration procedures in Tamil Nadu.

Documents to be produced

  • A photograph to validate proof
  • A copy of your PAN card
  • Any one of your ID proofs (Aadhar, Voter ID, License)
  • Electricity bill or any utility bill used in your office space

Why OPC Registration is a wise choice?

  • It is the easiest form of business to manage. With just one director and member, in most cases it could be the same person, you are at complete liberty to take up work proceedings at your own pace.
  • There is no minimum capital required to start this venture ensuring lesser compliances than the other types of businesses.
  • There is a public database containing the information of the company which makes it easier to receive funds and offers credibility.
  • The ownership can be transferred in cases of emergency or crisis ensuring lasting existence.
  • One Person Company is still a separate legal entity.
  • The liabilities are limited thus reducing the risks of the owner in chaos.
  • The company is free of taxes until there is a turnover of 2 crore annually.

OPC Registration process in Tamil Nadu

  • Like any other registration process, OPC requires the submission of Director Identification Number after applying for DSC.
  • Simultaneously, a distinct name that represents the company’s service is chosen and submitted.
  • Drafting and Submission of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association will be done.
  • Application of PAN and TAN shall be done and the incorporation certificate will be issued to ensure the approval.
  • At SV Consultant, we make sure there is a round the clock availability from our end to all your queries and demands. All you have to do is request a consultation from our executive and we are all set to begin!

Our Service Area

  • SV Consultant is proud in launching our services across South India. With years of experience and expertise in handling queries regarding registration processes, guidance on government certifications. We provide one stop solutions for your needs.
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