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Annual Return Filing

Annual Filing in Tamil Nadu:

It is that time of the year again! The companies and organizations that we are associated with are regularly insisted to produce the records and reports of the annual Company undertakings. Annual filing for private companies in Tamil Nadu is mandatory and can be done without much turmoil at our very SV Consultant. We are known for effortless and quick delivery of services at much lower costs in the market. Not convinced? Find for yourself by letting take up the entire process of filing for your company in a matter of days without you having to travel errands.

Every company in India is mandated to file an e-form with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). To proceed with annual filing for companies, consistent Annual General Meetings are held at firms to gather data and report. The Companies Act, 2013 regulated the annual filing for any business or corporate set up enlisted with the international stock exchanges, having a minimum of 5 crore as a paid -up capital and holding a turnover of five hundred crore annually.
A meeting shall be conducted periodically by the members of the board to authorize financial statements and reports laid by the auditor and the reports on the proceedings of the board by the director. This is followed by another meeting where the approval of the reports and guidelines takes place. The consequences of non- compliance among the members in regard to the annual filing could be stringent. Huge penalties shall be laid in cases of delay or failure to set up annual filing procedures. It is significant to note that the fees are charged by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and also that there shall be no relaxation in the same.
SV Consultant offers assistance in getting the RoC filing in Tamil Nadu done. With our years of expertise in Registration and filing, it is only a matter of filling up forms and the labor you have to go through every year is spared. There are three forms that are vital in submission.

Form MGT 7

This indicates the change in the roles of the director. The DIR-3 KYC norms are updated. The changes in the structure of shareholders and their roles are notified here. All the records containing financial details like salary, debts and attendance shall find a place here. The filing is due for 60 days from the Annual general meeting, delaying which shall end up in a penalty.

Form AOC 4

This form contains the annexure in which the financial records like the balance sheets, profit and loss account are updated. The data containing the details of the members, the address and the certifications of compliance are also notified here. 30 days from the annual general meeting is the due for form filing.

Form ADT 1

The changes in the roles and appointment of auditors are to be notified in this form. A time of 15 days is given for the filing of this form from the date of annual meeting.

An executive from our enthusiastic team of staff will be assigned right after your consultation call with us. And the rest is just a swift process of annual filing done hassle-free. Remember, you are just one click away from the best service in town.

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