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LLP Company Registration

Limited Liability Partnership Company Registration in Tamil Nadu

Limited Liability Partnership is a business set up which is the most affordable form of consortium. The registration process is easy and transparent. As the name suggests, there is less liability in the association which makes the journey a fulfilling one. Are you someone who shares the dream of launching a company of standard with a companion? Have you got a minimum fund to contribute to the enterprise? Then you can dive into the Limited liability Partnership registration process in Tamil Nadu without a second thought. Keep reading to know the minimum criteria involved in an LLP company registration.

Essentials in launching an LLP

  • ISO 9001:2008 to certify the Quality
  • The partnership is between a minimum of two members who are willing to provide financial contribution to the firm individually.
  • The office must be registered in Tamil Nadu. It could either be a property of any one of the partners or a rented space.
  • In the case of allocating a rented space for the head office, an NOC document is required to be signed by the landlord. This could be ignored if the space is an asset of either of the members.
  • The security essentials like DSC and DIN are acquired at the earliest.
  • An LLP agreement is created and signed between the partners to ensure firm boundaries from the commencement and also to amend disagreements in the future.

The rewards of registering an LLP Company

  • As already indicated, there is very little obligation that occurs here in comparison to the other types business establishments. The assets of the partners are safe and secure in chaotic circumstances..
  • There is no urge to audit until the turnover crosses 40 lakh and the capital exceeds 20 lakhs. This directly means the compliances are very low in an LLP company..
  • Even if there is a predicament involving financial losses or fatal disasters, the company continues to exist as long as there is no legal dissolvement..
  • A lot of agencies these days would rather work with firms that cause limited risks. So, this is a bonus for small businesses.

A preview of LLP Company Registration process in Tamil Nadu

  • Just like the other procedures of registering a company, an LLP requires the partners to secure their essential documents using a Digital Signature Certificate. This is a protection key that validates the security of the paper works involved in the registration processes..
  • A Director Identification Number is acquired by the directors after the submission of the pertinent documents..
  • A name that epitomizes the services and works of the company is chosen and authorized..
  • An LLP agreement is drafted and submitted following which the Incorporation certificate is received by the partners.

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